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Innovative and Important – The Pioneer Gift

The first review we’ve spotted of The Pioneer Gift is here – Sally Rush goes through each chapter which is helpful if you’d like a sense of what the book covers. She says that the book has a lot more

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The Pioneer Gift: Explorations in Mission

Edited by CMS pioneer course leaders Jonny Baker and Cathy Ross, The Pioneer Gift: Explorations in Mission captures research and thinking around pioneering mission. It unpacks the gift that pioneers bring to the Church as it tries to navigate a new world.


What draws me back to Greenbelt year after year – Interview with Katharine Crowsley

Pioneer student Katharine Crowsley gives us a bird’s eye view of Greenbelt 2014, in conversation with Helen Harwood. You said it was a fantastic new site despite the access issues. Can you say a bit more about the location and

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A few opportunities

On my blog I have posted a few things coming up this term that may be of interest. Rather than repeat them all here I’ll list them with links you can explore. I have already mentioned ReSource and Pioneering Spirituality

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